David by Mary Hoffman

I am finally finished this book (I usually read a YA title in a day or two; this seemed to drag out over half a week).  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really found this one a tough slog.  Not that it wasn’t well written, and about an interesting subject (to me): it was.  But somehow all the intrigue wasn’t very gripping, and the character himself was just not that engaging.  We’re in Florence in 1501 and a young and handsome Gabriele has just arrived in the city to seek his fortune as a stonecutter.  A childhood friend of the famous Michelangelo, David not only becomes the model for the famous David sculpture, but he entangles himself in the fiersome politics of the city.  Along the way he meets Leonardo and seduces several ladies of the city.  Maybe would have been better as a graphic novel?


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