The Elephant Mountains by Scott Ely

A YA dystopia reminicent of The Road (I imagine, not having read it).  Hurricanes have flooded New Orleans and much of the southern US gulf.  Fifteen year-old Stephen has been living with his survivalist father in a small town.  After his father is killed by looters, Stephen begins a water-born journey to find his mother in New Orleans.  At first I found the writing in this novel hard to latch on to, but I was eventually hooked into Stephen’s jouney.  This is one of the darker YA novels I read… only its length, relative simplicity and a slight promise of hope at the end kept it from belonging in the bleak category of post-apocalyptic adult fiction.  So I enjoyed it, but I do suspect there are better books doing similar things.


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July 23, 2011 · 3:00 am

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